Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition Brings New Races and More to PC, PS4 and Xbox One September 5

Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition Brings New Races and More to PC, PS4 and Xbox One September 5

Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition brings new races, a new stadium, and even more new features to Blood Bowl 2, and Focus Home Interactive just revealed that it will be releasing this September.

Cyanide Studio, Games Workshop, and Focus Home Interactive all partnered to release Blood Bowl 2 in September of 2015, and supported it afterwards with a steady stream of DLC content that brought things such as new races to the game. Now, those companies announced today that they are all coming together once again to bundle all previous content and add even more to the game in September with Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition.

The biggest feature this Legendary Edition adds is six more races to the game. The first new race is the Goblins, who have a wide arsenal of Secret Weapons to use during matches. Then there are the Halflings, who use their large Treemen to throw their teamates. The Legendary Edition also brings the fearless Amazons, massive Ogres, overly athletic Elven Union, and the frightening Underworld Denizens and Vampires. The addition of all these classes means that Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition will contain all official races present in the Blood Bowl board game.

Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition also brings a brand new team, the Kislev Circus, who have exclusive acrobatic abilities. A new Khemri Stadium will also be coming to the game. This Legendary Edition will also bring new game and new “tools and options” for multiplayer, though the exact contents of those new things were undisclosed.

The game will be available as a standalone release for $44.99, and as an Official Expansion for $24.99 when it launches. Pre-ordering the game on Steam will currently net you a 10% discount and beta access. If you don’t already own Blood Bowl 2 and pre-order the Legendary Edition, you will immediately gain access to the base game and the Team Pack DLC races.

You can check out some screenshots of some of the new races below. Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition will be releasing on PC, PS4, and Xbox One September 5, almost two years after Blood Bowl 2’s initial release.