Sony Announces Blood & Truth for PlayStation VR

Sony Announces Blood & Truth for PlayStation VR

Sony Interactive Entertainment and SCE London Studio announced a new PlayStation VR game, titled Blood & Truth. You can check out the new trailer.

During Sony Interactive Entertainment’s pre-Paris Games Week press conference, the house of PlayStation announced a new game by SCE London Studio: Blood & Truth.

The game is for PlayStation VR, and it appears that Sony’s London-based arm has become very much dedicated to furthering the line-up of the company’s virtual reality headset.


Blood & Truth certainly looks interesting and shows a level of refinement superior to the early games we have seen on PlayStation VR over the past year. We’ll have to see if this second wave of virtual reality games will finally manage to propel the headset and the medium as a whole to new heights.

The game doesn’t have a release date, but you can enjoy the trailer showcased during the conference below.