FromSoftware's Hidetaka Miyazaki Reiterates that Making Bloodborne 2 Isn't His Decision

FromSoftware president Miyazaki has stated that he's not the one to decide if a Bloodborne 2 gets made one day.

If you’re a fan of the Souls games like me, you’ve likely been asking for years at this point, “When are we going to get a Bloodborne 2?” The original game, which launched back in 2015, is considered by many to be FromSoftware’s best entry in the genre, which makes it seem obvious that the studio would one day create a sequel, right? Well, it’s not all that simple, and From boss Hidetaka Miyazaki has again made clear as much.

In a new interview with GameSpot Brasil, Miyazaki was asked if there was anything he’d like to change about Bloodborne all these years later. While admitting he doesn’t like to reflect on games too much after they release, Miyazaki did say he would’ve liked to have changed some things with Chalice Dungeons and Blood Gems in Bloodborne. It was then suggested that Miyazaki could eventually make these changes in Bloodborne 2. Laughing, Miyazaki responded saying via translation, “Bloodborne 2…unfortunately, I’m not the one to decide.”

For those unaware, the decision to make a Bloodborne 2 isn’t as simple as FromSoftware deciding to start developing the game. Even though FromSoftware made the original game, Sony is the one who owns the IP. That means in order to make a sequel, Sony would have to be the one to set things in motion.

Still, I struggle to believe that making a sequel to Bloodborne isn’t something that Sony would be all-in for. The original game is one of the most lauded and successful titles on the PS4 meaning that Sony surely wouldn’t shoot down the idea of a new game in the franchise, you would think. While Miyazaki’s statement here makes it sound as though Bloodborne 2 is something he’d like to work on, you’d imagine that if it was truly something he’d like to create then Sony wouldn’t say no. Then again, that’s just conjecture on my part.

I’m still of the opinion that Sony will greenlight a Bloodborne 2 one day, but I’m unsure if FromSoftware would be the developer. While I personally wouldn’t want any other studio to work on the game, I doubt Sony wants the IP to sit idle for too long and FromSoftware seems to be pretty busy with other projects right now. Only time will tell if this turns out to be true, though.

In the meantime, FromSoftware and Miyazaki are hard at work on Elden Ring, which will be the developer’s next major release. No news on the project has come about since E3 2019, but hopefully, we’ll hear more soon.

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