Bloodborne 2 UE5-Powered Concept Trailer Makes You Miss Yharnam More Than Ever

Now that Elden Ring is extremely successful, Sony should really consider greenlighting Bloodborne 2.

June 16, 2022

FromSoftware might never get to work on Bloodborne 2, but at least you can imagine what it could look like on next-gen consoles if it is built upon Unreal Engine 5.

Since the launch of Bloodborne, we have heard enough rumors around a sequel to this highly-praised title as well as a remake or remaster of the original game for the next-gen consoles and PC, but unfortunately, none of them have turned out to be true so far.

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I won’t be surprised if Bloodborne fans give up hope on the revival of this IP, but at least we can fantasize about what a sequel for Bloodborne could look like, especially after all the joy that FromSoftware delivered with Elden Ring.


Bloodborne 2 Could Be As Great As Elden Ring If Sony Greenlight the Project

Enfant Terrible, a YouTube content creator mostly known for its Unreal Engine 5-based tech demos, recently shared some footage from a concept trailer for Bloodborne 2, showcasing how dark and realistic Yharnam could look like if we eventually get a sequel for this franchise.

The trailer shows off some breathtaking locations at this fan-made version of Yharnam with stunning visuals. Honestly, some of these locations would be a great fit for epic boss fights!

Similar to previous tech demos, there is nothing actually playable in this fan-made project, which means there is no way to download it either.

We can just hope that Bloodborne-based projects and arts from fans receive enough attraction to eventually convince Sony to greenlight a sequel to the franchise.

Previously, Hidetaka Miyazaki revealed in an interview that developing a sequel to Bloodborne is completely up to Sony.

Bloodborne is currently available on PS4, but you can also play it on PS5 through backward compatibility. Unfortunately, the game has not received any enhancement updates for PlayStation 5 so far.

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