Bloodborne Modder Gets Game Running At a Buttery Smooth 60FPS

A new fan mod lets gamers finally experience Bloodborne at the framerate their eyes desired. There are a few caveats to getting that experience though.

Fromsoft’s Bloodborne is among the best exclusive games that PS4 gamers can enjoy. The game is a delightfully brutal romp through the blood-stained streets of Yharnam. It takes that classic Dark Souls combat and injects a big dosage of action into the proceedings. One of the only knocks against the game is that it only runs at 30FPS even on the PS4 Pro’s boost mode. However, that’s all changed now. An intrepid modder named Lance McDonald has gotten a patch working that pumps that framerate up to 60, giving players that smooth gameplay they crave. There are a few caveats, but first, give a look at the game in action.

The Bloodborne boost does work on a base PS4; however, since the game was coded in 30FPS, the timing is off, making everything look like it’s running is fast-forward. However, McDonald has gotten it running with proper timing on a PS4 Pro. When you turn on boost mode, the leap in graphical quality is immense, as you can see above.

Seeing boosts like this is undoubtedly impressive. It also has to make you wonder about PS4 games being “enhanced” on PS5. Just like Bloodborne, those games were coded on older software. Unexpected problems might pop up, even with better hardware. It will be interesting to see how the PS5 handles things like that and if they can have success similar to what McDonald did here.

Bloodborne is available now on PS4. If you haven’t had the pleasure of jumping into one of the system’s best games, now is a great time to do so. It’s part of the PlayStation Hits line, meaning the price of admission is only $20. That’s quite the bargain for the quality you’re getting.

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