Bloodborne Reimagined as an Anime in New Fan Art

Ever wondered what Bloodborne would look like if it was an anime? Well, wonder no more thanks to this new fan art.

It’s been nearly five years since Bloodborne released, but the game is still capturing the hearts and imaginations of many. Recently, one fan took their adoration for the game to another level and presented it in a new visual style.

As shared recently over on the Bloodborne subreddit, one artist who goes by the name of Brushseven shared their own fan art of the game that was meant to resemble what you might seen in an anime. The poster features Bloodborne’s iconic Hunter character standing in front of what seems to be the city of Yharnam and a large, stylized version of the moon. The rest of the poster then contains Japanese lettering, the Bloodborne logo, credits for the studios that worked on the game, and the number “3.26” which is the date in which the game launched in Japan back in 2015.

To me, the image really reminds me of the Castlevania TV series that is currently on Netflix. While the visual style of these two isn’t exactly the same, it does make me wonder what an anime series for Bloodborne could be like. Considering how stylized Bloodborne is in the first place, combining it with an anime-like art style would seem to pair quite well. Now we just need this to become a reality.

While fans still adore Bloodborne all these years later, it doesn’t seem like we’re all that close to getting a sequel. In the past, FromSoftware’s Hidetake Miyazaki has stated that the decision to greenlight a potential Bloodborne 2 isn’t up to him or his team. Instead, that decision fully lies with Sony, the game’s IP holder. For now, FromSoftware is working on a new title called Elden Ring, but there’s still not much that we know about the project.

You can find the full Bloodborne fan art poster attached down below. If you want to see more of Brushseven’s Bloodborne art, you can find their gallery right here.

Bloodborne Anime Poster

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