Some Beastly Pages Get Revealed from the Official Bloodborne Art Book

Some Beastly Pages Get Revealed from the Official Bloodborne Art Book

Not even all of Bloodborne's blood vials could save you if you miss the chance to take advantage of this book's Western release.

Do you already have your copy of the Bloodborne Official Artworks pre-ordered? If not, the little preview provided today by UDON Entertainment might be enough to sway your decision.

Below are a few sneak peeks of pages straight from the art book releasing in May 2017. In these pages, we can see a couple of gorgeously illustrated environments and enemies from their respective locales. Also featured are versions of the Hunter in his Yharnam attire, a couple of slides of Eileen the Crow alongside some of her in-game dialogue, and a full page dedicated to one of Bloodborne‘s most fearsome bosses, Amygdala.

According to UDON Entertainment’s official blog, the book won’t just contain content from Bloodborne‘s base game.

Bloodborne Official Artworks also features plenty of material from the game’s sole DLC campaign, “The Old Hunters!” Truly, there has never been a better time to discover – or rediscover – the hauntingly beautiful city of Yharnam.”

In December, it was revealed that UDON Entertainment, Sony Interactive Entertainment, and FromSoftware would be publishing the art book in the West. According to the Amazon listing, the book will be released on May 23.

UDON Entertainment has previously published Dark Souls Design Works and Dark Souls II Design Works.