Bloodborne Player Discovers Location from the Opening Cinematic

Bloodborne shows there are still hidden easter eggs to find, as a player discovers the location of the opening cinematic almost four years later.

Bloodborne may have released almost four years ago, but players are still finding hidden gems inside the From Software title. Reddit user u/RickHarrison points out the location of the opening cinematic is actually in the game.

The opening cinematic opens up with a shot of a creepy alley in Cathedral Ward. And while most cinematics usually leaves with unrealistic hope for what the game is, Bloodborne instead delivers. You can, in fact, go to this exact same setting in Cathedral Ward near the area where you meet Arianna (the woman who gives birth to the weird demon baby). Get your camera angle just right, and you’ll be looking down the same alley as the trailer.

Of course, the lighting isn’t exactly as cinematic as it is in the trailer. Also, the creepy baby carriage is also missing, which could’ve been placed in the cinematic as a nod to the story. Either way, it’s pretty great to see new hidden gems in BloodBorne. Such as when the Undead Flaming Giant wasn’t discovered until two years after the game released. Here’s to hoping we get hidden easter eggs like these in Sekiro.

Speaking of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, new gameplay footage released for From Software’s latest action title. The gameplay footage shows a side quest, where you grapple and slash your way through the Hirata Estates. The game looks like a great mixture of the combat From Software is known for and some new features mixed in. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is slated for release March 22, for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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