Unused Bloodborne Boss “Great One Beast” Datamined and Defeated in New Video

Unused Bloodborne Boss “Great One Beast” Datamined and Defeated in New Video

While more and more details are being revealed about unused assets in Bloodborne, this time someone has actually found a boss in-game.

Bloodborne was harrowing when it released and continues to haunt players today as a new monstrosity was discovered and fought by a data-mining fan.

We’ve been reporting on this story since last month but now, one of these datamined foes has actually been encountered in the game by YouTuber Sanadsk. Until now, these data-mined files have only been found to include images of assets that didn’t make it into the final cut of the game. However, XenNTaX forum user Daemon1 recently created a toolset that enables the exploration of the game’s files — in other words, the boss fight is not naturally occurring.

The boss creature was discovered in an unused dungeon via the use of the game’s files and formulas. The fight is clearly missing some animation polish, but it is a scary creature nonetheless. Its cries mirror those of the “Blood-Starved Beast” which can actually be found in the game. It’s still unclear though as to why this boss wasn’t used. Another creature was discovered by ZullieTheWitch at the same time, though this one just seems to be an unused enemy whom she nicknamed “pig boy.” You can check that out below as well.

You may have recently seen FromSoftware’s recent teaser trailer for its unannounced game which many players are speculating may be Bloodborne 2. If you’re interested, you can check out our very own Giuseppe Nelva’s article on why that sequel is likely not Bloodborne 2. You can check out the video of the boss fight below: