More Bloodborne Bosses and Monsters Cut from the Final Game Discovered Via Datamining

More Bloodborne Bosses and Monsters Cut from the Final Game Discovered Via Datamining

A majestic undead knight, his possible steed, and more nasty critters emerge from the files of From Software's PS4 exclusive Bloodborne.

Last week, we reported that datamining of Bloodborne’s files are begun, and showcased a few unused bosses and monsters that were discovered that way. Today, there are more.

Recently, XeNTaX forum user Daemon1 created a set of tools that allow the exploration of the game’s files and YouTube user Sanadsk has been working on unearthing models that were created by the development team, and coded into the game’s files, but actually never made it into the final build of the game.

Today he published a new video showing a majestic undead knight and an imposing horse that was possibly intended to be his steed, a “slug princess,” a “lesser demon” and a “screamer.” We don’t know what their intended uses were (or if they even got as far as to have an intended use at all), but it’s certainly interesting to see them over two years from the game’s release.

As usual, the presence of cut content should not be interpreted as the game being rushed to market or incomplete. It’s normal practice in the gaming industry to leave out elements that don’t fit with the overall vision or that end up not being adequate for their specific situation. They are left in the game’s files just because of how they’re structured, since removing them would be a waste of time and resources.

You can check out the video below.

In more recent (and perhaps surprising) Bloodborne news, Chalice dungeon Dwellers managed to document the existence of an undead giant that was considered cut content, but is actually present in the game.

If you’re not familiar with From Software’s game, you can read our review. The game is currently available exclusively for PS4. Speaking of From Software, today we got the confirmation that the Armored Core franchise isn’t dead.