Bloodborne Glitch: Easily Farm Tons of Blood Echoes and Twin Blood Stone Shards Very Quickly

Bloodborne Glitch: Easily Farm Tons of Blood Echoes and Twin Blood Stone Shards Very Quickly

Bloodborne is a brutal game, which means it also isn’t for everyone. Yet, while leveling up more than what you’re supposed to isn’t a full replacement for skill, patience and determination, it can help some play a bit more smoothly.

If you prefer getting a bit more buffer before braving the most challenging parts of the game, there’s a glitch you can use in order to easily farm a ton of Blood Echoes very quickly, on top of those precious twin blood stones that let you upgrade your weapons from +4 to +6.

It isn’t as easy to reach as the now famous werewolf glitch in the house in Central Yarnham, but it’s definitely worth it.

First of all, you need to reach the Hypogean Gaol. In order to do so, go to the entrance of the Vicar Amelia boss fight in the Cathedral Ward, turn right before the last flight of stairs and go all the way. There are two rather strong hunters in the small valley with the house. You can either kill them (but it might prove not easy for some. Once dead, they won’t respawn), just run past them or sneak past them by dropping down to the left side of the house and walking slowly behind them. This will lead to a small passage between the rock at the end of which you’ll find a Snatcher. It’s a tall, robed enemies carrying a sack.

Let the snatcher kill you (obviously try not to have Blood Echoes on you), and instead of finding yourself back at the lamp, you’ll be transported to the Hypogean Gaol. As you exit the jail, turn left and run past any enemies up three flights of stairs (of course you can also take it slow and easy and kill them) until you find the lamp. Activate them, and from then on you’ll be able to teleport back and from the Hunter’s Dream as will via one of the headstones.

Now you’re all ready to farm. If my explanation of what you have to do isn’t clear enough, just watch the video at the bottom of the post.

Teleport to the Hypogean Gaol and go down the first flight of stairs on the left. On the other flight of stairs there will be a Snatcher. Lure him keeping your distance down the second flight of stairs until his head gets stuck in the ceiling.

Yes, Snatchers are too tall to get through their own doorways. Take that in.

At this point, you’ll be able to simply keep your distance and use a weapon with a long lounge (the saw spear is ideal) to kill the snatcher with little or no risk. Each snatcher killed is 1,308 Blood Echoes.

Once the first is dead, go upstairs, and lure the second Snatcher nearby. You’ll need to be slow and careful when luring them. They have a long charge move that can easily kill you if you don’t dodge it right, and if you keep too much distance they’ll just go back to their place. Kill it in the same place as you did the first.

At this point you have a choice. You can simply go back to the lamp and to the Hunter’s Dream, rinse and repeat. This will grant you about 2,600 Blood Echoes in 2 minutes, but you’ll have to see that loading screen quite often. It’s the best way if you’re not very confident in your abilities.

If you prefer a possibly slower method but less tedious, go further downstairs. There will be a doorway that leads to the exit. Go all the way down the stairs there. Just poke out of the second dorway and listen carefully. As soon as you hear fast paces, roll up the stairs instantly, or you’ll be snatched by a very fast hag-like enemy that will deal a ton of damage. Once she’s in the open and charging up the stairs towards you, kill her. Repeat the same process with the second one.

Now you can go left of right in the new room. It doesn’t matter. In the cages there will be three sleeping enemies each. Clear one, then go towards the doorway at the end. Lure the two snatchers one at a time up the stairs where you killed the hags, and all the way past the second doorway. They’ll get stuck on that one, and you’ll be able to kill them easily like you did with the first two.

This grants you over 7,000 Blood Echoes in seven minutes (it can definitely be done faster if you’re good), plus four chances at Twin Blood Stone Shards (they drop fairly often, one every three or four enemies). If you don’t need single Blood Stone Shards you can still sell them for 200 Blood Echoes each.

Below you can see a video of a full run. If you want to just repeat the first part, just watch until the 1:57 mark (it’s probably the most efficient way, since you hardly have to move away from the lamp). And yes, I’m surprised as well that a developer as seasoned as From Software runs into this kind of geometry glitches in a game that’s otherwise quite polished, but no one is perfect.

This will probably get patched soon, so you might want to use it while you can.