Fan Crafts Superb Bloodborne-Themed Magic: The Gathering Cards

Fan Crafts Superb Bloodborne-Themed Magic: The Gathering Cards

Every detail in these cards have been poured over in order to create a perfectly balanced combination of Magic and Bloodborne.

Magic: The Gathering and Bloodborne are two franchises with a powerful following of fans to back them. One ambitious Redditor has decided to bridge the divide between these groups by creating cards based on prominent Bloodborne enemies that could easily fit into Magic: The Gathering.

In a post on Reddit, vNocturnus said their goal was to turn each Bloodborne boss into its most plausible version in card form. Of course, there were a few non-boss enemies tucked into the collection that they felt deserved a mention.

“I did my best to keep the cards fairly ‘balanced,’ choose colors that were fitting of the characters’ lore and their in-game abilities, and implement card abilities that are in line with not only their in-game abilities, but the colors I chose for them.

“I did every main-game boss plus all the DLC bosses and a few of the more ‘iconic’ chalice dungeon bosses. I also gave the Bloody Crow of Cainhurst a nod as an ‘honorable boss’ and popular figure.”

As if all of the hard work of writing the cards wasn’t enough, vNocturnus also went through lengths to track down and credit artists of each image as often as possible. Paging through the gallery below, it’s hard to believe these aren’t official MTG cards.

In other Bloodborne related news, new images were recently released from the Bloodborne Official Artworks book releasing in May.