This Wild New Bloodborne Mod Allows You to Take Control of Every Enemy in the Game

Tired of playing Bloodborne as just a boring old Hunter? Well, this new mod for the game shows you what it's like in the shoes of others.

By Logan Moore

May 24, 2019

It has been over 4 years since FromSoftware’s Bloodborne first launched, but to this day, it remains a game that is almost constantly being talked about in the gaming community. Recently, the game started receiving a ton of attention once again when a crazy new mod for Bloodborne began being shown off online.

As seen over on Twitter, one Lance McDonald has found a way to mod Bloodborne in a way that would allow you to take direct control of every enemy in the game. McDonald has been working on the mod over the past few days, first showing it in action earlier this week. All you have to do to take over an enemy is simply lock-on to an enemy and press L3 and you’ll immediately be transported into their shoes.

McDonald showed off the initial test of the mod in action in the tweet below:

McDonald continued working on the mod throughout the week later showing it in further action taking over a variety of different enemy types rather than just one in a subsequent tweet. They also stated that the mod would allow you to take over even bosses, but we don’t see that in action in the video.

Finally, earlier this morning, McDonald released one last video showing the Bloodborne mod in action while also announcing that work on it had officially been completed. All in all, McDonald made it seem like this mod wasn’t all that difficult to create since the feature was already available in the debug version of Bloodborne before later being removed. All McDonald needed to do was add some code to the game that would then allow them to access the feature.

Even though we haven’t had new content for Bloodborne in years, I continue to love that the community is constantly finding new ways to keep the game relevant with stories just like this. If you still somehow haven’t played Bloodborne for yourself, I cannot recommend enough that you give it a shot. Even as we near the end of this console generation, it still very well might be my favorite game from this gen.

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