Bloodborne: New Info on PS4 Hardware Advantages, Death Penalty, Offline Gameplay, Worldwide Release

Bloodborne: New Info on PS4 Hardware Advantages, Death Penalty, Offline Gameplay, Worldwide Release

The upcoming PS4 exclusive Bloodborne impressed many at E3, and today Game Director Hidetaka Miyazaki shared more information about the game in an interview on Dengeki Online

Miyazaki-san explained that the game will have more variation in animation compared to his previous games, thanks to the fact that it’s on PS4 and there’s more memory available for this kind of details. He also mentioned that one of the unique elements of the game will be the ability to enhance weapons, but further details about that are still a secret.

We also learn that the game will be playable offline, even if of course that will lock players out of its online features. That said, Miyazaki-san thinks that as a general trend, even thanks to DLC, the ratio of online features in games is raising.

Even more interestingly, Miyazaki-san explained at length what we can expect from one of the central elements of his production: death.

We are still conducting final reviews of the death penalty, though we don’t plan on making it quite so severe. While death will occur often in this game, it’s important that it both does not place too much stress on the players and still makes them want to take on the challenge again, so we are regulating the death penalty with these things in mind.

This is a bit off-topic, but to make sure the player still wants to give it another go, it’s also vital to give them a wide breadth of options in battle. The intention with our design is to provide a rich system that includes weapons such as guns and traps, among others. And while I said you will die plenty in this game, we similarly want to give the player the rush of nearly dying or thinking they are about to die, so we are always considering the best ways to govern this balance.

If you’re wondering whether the game will be released in your country at the same time as all others, you shouldn’t worry, because Miyazaki-san finally mentioned that the current plan is to have a simultaneous worldwide release.

[Translation: Tim Roy]