Bloodborne Patch 1.07 Now Available for Download, and it’s Huge

Bloodborne Patch 1.07 Now Available for Download, and it’s Huge

While Bloodborne‘s servers are still under maintenance, and will be for another couple of hours, patch 1.07 is now available for download.

The patch is definitely rather heavy, weighing at just over 9 gigabytes, so you may want to start downloading to be ready for when the servers will go back up.

The update includes the League, a covenant of hunters led by the bucket-helmeted Charles, whom you can find in the forbidden forest. By completing multiplayer co-op sessions, an insect will appear, and crushing as many of them as possible will determine your ranking in the covenant.

You will also be able to summon old hunters as NPC co-op partners. You will need a bell that can be purchased in the Hunter’s Dream after certain conditions are fulfilled. The use of the bell consumes insight.

Chalice dungeons have also been changed, and non-root dungeons now have a standard glyph allowing you to meet other players without knowing their unique glyph beforehand. If you wish, you can still create non-root chalice dungeons with an unique glyph to avoid random PvP and co-op.

Phantom of other players seeking a co-op partner will now be displayed in your game if you’re connected online. They will appear with the ripples at their feet in order to be recognizable, only if they’re in your summoning range.

Last but not least, matchmaking has been improved and tweaked.