Bloodborne Intro Cinematic Was Slightly Censored from its Original Version

Bloodborne used to feature a different intro sequence compared to what the game shipped with, although the original version isn't much unalike.

Bloodborne may have released over five years ago at this point, but fans are still constantly uncovering new secrets related to one of FromSoftware’s most popular games ever. Now, some new information on the beloved Souls-like has surfaced, although what has been found isn’t directly related to the game itself this time around.

According to Twitter user @manfightdragon, whose real name is Lance McDonald, the opening cinematic that plays at the start of Bloodborne was seemingly different than the one that ended up shipping with the game. McDonald, who runs a relatively popular YouTube channel, has preciously uncovered a lot of other cut content that was meant to appear in Bloodborne, meaning that what they have found here with this altered intro is almost surely real.

While not drastically different, McDonald shared on social media the original version of the Bloodborne opening that plays out much in the same way as the one we’re accustomed to having seen.  The only major difference comes at the end of the video when the Cleric Beast, one of the famed bosses from the game, attacks the Hunter character. Instead of cutting to a black screen like is seen in the standard version of the cinematic, we instead are shown a splattering of blood on the ground before the screen then slowly fades to black.

You can see the video right here:

Apparently, the powers that be at Sony didn’t want this blood and gore to be seen at the opening of the game for one reason or another. One of the causes as to why this is likely the case is because the intro sequence for Bloodborne also doubled as the game’s initial reveal trailer that appeared in 2014. The most likely reason as to why Sony wanted this cut was so that they felt comfortable showing the trailer to a wide audience at E3 when the project was unveiled.

Bloodborne is available to play now exclusively on PS4. While fans have been begging FromSoftware to make a sequel to the game for years, studio president Hidetaka Miyazaki has previously made clear that the decision to work on Bloodborne 2 does not lie with his team, but instead is in the hands of Sony.

In the interim, FromSoftware is now hard at work on Elden Ring, although we haven’t seen anything related to the game since last year at E3 2019.

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