Bloodborne is Still Locked to 30fps on PS5, Would Need an Update to be Changed

Bloodborne remains in 30fps hell on PS5 and now we have to cross our fingers and hope that an update for the next-gen console will be coming down the road.

November 6, 2020

Of all games in the PS4 that many are likely looking forward to replaying on the next-gen PS5, From Software’s Bloodborne is surely near the top of a lot of lists. Sadly, with the PS5 now in the hands of quite a few reviewers around the globe, it sounds as though Bloodborne itself won’t be taking advantage of the upgraded hardware.

Alongside PS5 reviews going live this morning, new information about how Bloodborne performs on the console has now been made clear and, essentially, the news is what we feared it would be. Bloodborne is still locked to 30 frames-per-second on PS5, despite the fact that the PS5 itself is surely capable of allowing the game to run at a higher level.

The reason that the game hasn’t received any sort of boost on PS5 is because, for starters, the developers haven’t pushed out an update that would upgrade it. Beyond that, however, Bloodborne was designed to lock the frame rate at 30fps, meaning that even though it is playable on PS5, the console can’t boost the FPS any higher than what the game allows for.

Sadly, the only way in which Bloodborne could be “fixed” on PS5 at this point is if the game’s developers happened to release an update that would either do this aforementioned optimization for the game on PS5, or at the very least, release another patch that could unlock the frame rate. The prospects of this happening any time soon though seem pretty slim. Not only is the game’s developer, FromSoftware, plenty busy with other projects right now, but considering that this isn’t even a property that they outright own, their desire to put in the work to optimize the title for PS5 might not exist. Then again, since Sony owns Bloodborne, perhaps they could assign Japan Studio, who also assisted with work on the game, to do this task instead.

At this point in time, it seems like Bloodborne could stand a better chance of being remastered entirely for PS5 rather than being upgraded, which is something we have heard rumors of in the past. Either way, I know that I’ll be crossing my own fingers that arguably my favorite PS4 game can get some love thrown its way down the road.

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