Bloodborne PS5 Rumours Continue As New Claims Of A "Hunters Edition" Emerge

Leakers claim the new Bloodborne remaster will also arrive for PC

By Kyle Knight

July 11, 2021

Bloodborne, which is often regarded as one of the greatest PlayStation 4 titles ever developed, could be receiving a PS5 remaster. That’s if leaks and rumours are to be believed anyway.

At this point, a PS5 remaster of Bloodborne almost feels inevitable. It was only a few short days ago that rumours began circulating of a Bloodborne remaster titled ‘Endless Nocturne‘. Now it seems that fresh rumours have revealed that a ‘Hunters Edition‘ will arrive for both the PS5 and for PC.

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Previous Bloodborne PS5 Leaks

On July 8th, a 4chan post appeared claiming that Bloodborne: Endless Nocturne was set to be announced in September for the PlayStation 5 and Steam. According to the rumour, the upcoming title would be released in November and is simply a port of the PlayStation 4 version.

The 4chan user goes on to claim that development is being handled by a small team at From Soft. Endless Nocture is targeting 4K 60FPS on the PlayStation 5; whilst the PC version is uncapped with resolutions up to 8K.

Although every Bloodborne fan around the world is hopeful of some sort of remaster or port, this “leak” seemed rather far fetched. But now another source has stepped forward with a bunch of new information surrounding a Bloodborne ‘Hunters Edition’.

New Rumours For Bloodborne ‘Hunters Edition’

The new leak in question comes from a 4chan user who goes by the name Demonite, which some will know is a group of leakers. However, there’s no way to verify if this is the real Demonite as anybody is able to claim the name on 4chan without verification.

However, if this leak comes from the real Demonite then there could be some truth in it, as they previously leaked the release of the original Bloodborne for PS4.

So, take this leak with a big grain of salt, but Demonite claims to have a bunch of information about the upcoming ‘Hunters Edition’ of Bloodborne for PS5 and PC. Most notably that it will included no new levels but Cainhurst Castle and Cathedral Ward will be expanded upon.

They also claim that there will be three new right-handed weapons, as well as three new left-handed weapons. The new weapons in question supposedly being:

  • Cosmic Revolver (Left Hand)
  • Impact Rifle – Double Barrel Shotgun (Left Hand)
  • The Great One’s Touch (Left Hand)
  • Cainhurts Flail (Right Hand)
  • Coldblood Coil (Right Hand)
  • Kos Placenta (Right Hand)

The 4chan user also goes on to claim that the PS5 version will have two performance modes:

  • Quality Mode = 30 FPS at native 4K with ray traced shadows
  • Performance Mode = 60 FPS at 1440p upscaled to 4K with lower quality ray traced shadows

The PC version of Bloodborne will release 6-12 months after the launch of the PlayStation 5 version – according to the 4chan user. They also claim that the release date is targeted for late January/early February.

Finally, Demonite states that it will cost existing Bloodborne owners $20 to upgrade if they have the base game, $10 if they already own the base game and DLC, and will be a free upgrade for owners of the GOTY edition.

You can check out the full 4chan post to find out more details on the possible ‘Hunters Edition’. But again, take this information with a grain of salt as it’s possible that this isn’t the real Demonite. With so many Bloodborne remastered rumours circulating at the moment, it’s important to stay sceptical.

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