Bloodborne Screenshots and Pictures Appear Online; Early Players Talk Duration, Weapons and Much More [Updated]

Bloodborne Screenshots and Pictures Appear Online; Early Players Talk Duration, Weapons and Much More [Updated]

As pretty much every relevant game in the past years, Bloodborne is already out in the wild, and early owners are starting to comment and post interesting stuff online, in this case on Reddit and on the PlayStationTrophies forums.

The information below is pretty much spoiler-free story-wise, but it does include details on gameplay that you might want to discover for yourself. If that’s the case, go ahead and hit back on your browser.

  • Finishing the game once took roughly 45 hours (remember that this is a single user, so your mileage may vary, as for all Souls games).
  • One playthrough yielded 14 unique trick weapons and 12 off-hand weapons, but there are more of both categories in the game, as the player didn’t unlock the related trophies for getting all of them. One of the weapons does not transform, but does something “very cool.”
  • The player found 19 full sets of clothes/armor, some of which are light armor. He also found pieces that did not match the sets.
  • Weapons can be upgraded up to +10. Weapons are upgraded at a workshop near the fireplace at the Hunter’s Dream.
  • Each weapon feels unique, and they are very varied.
  • Some armor sets have very specific uses. For instance the White Church outfit has high poison resistance, while the Ashen set has high frenzy resistance.
  • Upgraded primary weapons can hold up to three blood gems that give buffs and debuffs. Cursed blood gems have very high buffs at the expense of other aspects.
  • Some items can be used in a way similar to magic, and require silver bullets per use. They also require high arcane stat. Arcane also raises the drop rate from monsters.
  • There’s no dynamic day/night cycle. Time of day and night is based on story progression.
  • The Reddit poster mentioned that he thinks the game is a masterpiece and after finishing it once, he feels he has only scratched the surface.
  • Bloodtinge raises bullet damage.
  • Insight is about how much inhuman knowledge you gain during the game.
  • The Mark of the Hunter is an item in the inventory that acts like the nexial binding stone/darksign in Dark Souls where you lose all you echoes and return to the dream refuge.
  • You can carry four Caryll Runes in separate slots, and they boost abilities grant different effects.

Here are some overall comments from PlayStationTrophies forums‘ rmchiva925 (who apparently didn’t finish the game yet).

Last few things I want to clarify. People were worried that there might be a graphics downgrade. I played the alpha and now the real thing, and I can tell you that the game looks even better. In the alpha I noticed that there were some unfinished rendering on character clothing and some environmental things, but now I’m looking at the clothing textures and also the environment and 80% of my time spent in Bloodborne as of now is just looking around to all the attention to detail. It’s a beautiful looking game with sublime music. You guys are in for a treat considering that day 1 is gonna improve performance as well.

Frame rate wise, its been a solid 30 fps so far and I’m already used to the control and love the speed of the game. everything you do, and what the enemies do is just at least 2-3 times faster than the previous entries.

As usual, remember that those are impressions from users, that can be colored by opinion and personal preference, so you should take them with the due grain of salt.

In the meanwhile, you can check out the pictures and screenshot posted, including the visible trophies, which don’t really include big spoilers.

Update: added a few more screenshots thanks to NeoGAF user 0racle.