Bloodborne: The Board Game Has Already Reached $2 Million in Funding on Kickstarter

Bloodborne: The Board Game Has Already Reached $2 Million in Funding on Kickstarter

With the project having only been launched about a week ago, Bloodborne: The Board Game has already reached an impressive $2 million funded.

Earlier this month, fans of FromSoftware’s Bloodborne were treated to the news that the anticipated tabletop adaptation of the challenging action-RPG would begin its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter later this month, and so far the project has already been off to an impressive start.

After launching on April 23, 2019, Bloodborne: The Board Game has already reached $2,067,000 in funding (as of this writing) against the project’s $200,000 funding goal, meaning it has made over ten times what was being sought for funding the project.

So far, the project’s funding has also surpassed the vast majority of its stretch goals, which includes additional figurines of new characters, enemies, and more challenges for players to take on.

For those that may be unfamiliar with the project, Bloodborne: The Board Game is currently under development by tabletop games publisher CMON Games, with the game being developed and designed by Eric M. Lang and Michael Shinall.

Much like its name implies, Bloodborne: The Board Game aims to translate the challenging gameplay and gothic horror vibes of FromSoftware’s PS4 classic into tabletop form, with the game putting players into the role of Hunters seeking to work their way through the horrors of Yharnam. The game itself will feature detailed miniatures of many creatures and characters from the game, and so far seems like a detailed depiction of the game that fans will surely love.

Bloodborne: The Board Game is currently seeking funding through Kickstarter, with the project set to end on May 14, 2019. For more information on the project, you can head over to the Kickstarter page for yourself.