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Bloodborne Player Masterfully Defeats Hardest Boss Without Rolling, Sprinting, or Runes

A new milestone is reached with the Bloodborne community, as a player clears Ludwig without dodge rolling, sprinting, or taking damage.

There are simply no limits to how far the Bloodborne community is able to take their dedication to the game. While some are able to show off their love of the title by finding the location from the opening cinematic or creating blood-soaked rune coasters, others are perfecting nearly unbeatable battles in the game. Even better, we have some video proof of one of the more amazing feats to ever be accomplished in Bloodborne: The Old Hunters.

The footage first began making its rounds on the dedicated Bloodborne Reddit community, where user Artiih claimed that he managed to defeat Ludwig on a BL4 run without “rolling, sprinting, quickstepping, buffs, runes and without taking damage.” And if your first reaction to this is disbelief, he came in with video evidence:

For those who haven’t dived into the Bloodborne: The Old Hunters, for whatever reason, Ludwig is arguably the hardest monstrosity in the game. Watching only a minute of the gameplay you can understand why — he hits hard, has quick and (seemingly) unpredictable movements, and is just frankly unpleasant.

However, the difficulty is almost entirely lost watching the video. Like Neo in The Matrix, Arti is able to weave between attacks casually. Though Ludwig is making big swings of damage, none of them land as Arti is able to constantly find his opening.

But Arti is no amateur — he has been doing BL4 flawless runs (with zero leveling capabilities) — on other bosses. In fact, check below to see his flawless fight with Orphan of Kos:

On the other end, this still isn’t the most incredible feat that has happened with Ludwig and Bloodborne: The Old Hunters. Hardcore fans of the game will remember the recent milestone where Souls legend Lobos Jr managed to beat the monstrosity with only their fists — an accomplishment that took just shy of 13 hours.

Even though Bloodborne is many years out, the community is still pumping out plenty of cool content — for instance, the Redditor who managed to uncover the location from the opening cinematic. While we may not be expecting a follow up to the From Software game anytime soon (despite an Easter Egg), players are still finding new content through data mining.

Bloodborne is available exclusively on PS4. If you somehow missed the atmospheric Souls-like title, you can still grab it via Amazon.

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