Bloodborne’s New Loading Times Tested on Stock PS4: 11 Seconds To Load Hunter’s Dream and More

on April 23, 2015 6:16 AM

Many complained about the loading times in Bloodborne, and today’s 1.03 patch included an improvement officially quantified between 5 and 15 seconds.

We actually decided to put them to the test, and you can see the results below. The test was performed using a stock PS4 500 gigabytes hard disk drive.

Where not otherwise indicated, the timing refers to teleporting to a location via a messengers lamp. The times marked “Respawn” indicate the number of seconds necessary to respawn after death in each location.

  • Hunter’s Dream – 11 seconds
  • Central Yharnam – 34 Seconds
  • 1st Floor Sickroom – 31 seconds
  • Central Yharnam – 34 Seconds
  • Great Bridge – 31 seconds
  • Cathedral Ward – 39 seconds
  • Old Yharnam – 33 seconds
  • Graveyard of the Darkbeast – 16 seconds
  • Hemwick Charnel Lane – 23 seconds
  • Forbidden Woods – 33 seconds
  • Byrgenwerth – 20 seconds
  • Yahar’gul Unseen Village – 25 seconds
  • Advent Plaza – 19 seconds
  • Logarius’ Seat – 12 seconds
  • Lecture Building 2nd Floor – 10 seconds
  • Central Yharnam (Respawn) – 17 seconds
  • Cathedral Ward (Respawn) – 16 seconds
  • Yahar’gul Unseen Village (Respawn) – 14 seconds
  • Hemwick Charnel Lane (Respawn) – 14 seconds
  • Forbidden Woods (Respawn) – 15 seconds
  • Byrgenwerth (Respawn) – 14 seconds

The loading times have definitely been shortened by the patch, and the results of the test seem to be roughly in line with Sony’s claims.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, respawning after death is much faster than loading an area from scratch (as part of its assets are already loaded in the console’s memory), and loading times are somewhat proportional to the size of each area.

Together with the new loading screens that actually give us something interesting to read, the new loading times have become much more bearable.

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