Bloodborne’s World Has Now Been Fully Mapped; Hopefully You Can Read it Through Your Bloodborne-Caused Tears

on April 28, 2015 6:49 PM

The world of Bloodborne is big, and exceptionally confusing to navigate (at least until you’ve died in that same hallway for the 12th time) but Reddit user Hypnotyks is here to help with a fan-made full map of the world.

Oh yes, it comes complete with all those shortcuts and lanterns you’re so desperately searching for.

Granted this will do nothing to improve how you fare once you’re actually in combat, it’ll just help you get there quite a bit easier (and it might help you run away more effectively as well).

You can of course check out the map in full below, as well as a printer friendly version, a lantern free version, and one styled to look like parchment.


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