Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Kickstarter Hits Vita Goal; Reveals Five More Stretch Goals

Koji Igarashi’s spiritual successor to Castlevania, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, has seen massive support on Kickstarter, and that support has just helped Igarashi and developer Inti Creates reach yet another stretch goal.

The latest milestone reached is $3.5 million which has greenlighted the PS Vita version of the game and revealed five brand new stretch goals with six days to go in the campaign.

The new goals are as follows;

  • $3.75 million – Orchestrated Tracks
  • $4 million – Online Challenge Mode
  • $4.25 million – 3rd Playable Character
  • $4.5 million – Prequel Mini-game for PC/Consoles
  • $4.75 million – Prequel Mini-game for Portables (3DS and Vita pictured)

Some details on a couple of the new goals were also revealed. The third playable character was teased as potentially being “a character [we] haven’t met yet,” and the prequel game will be a “2D, pixel-based, retro-styled mini-game that sheds some light on the world of Bloodstained before Miriam awoke from her coma.”

The mini-game will be sold separately, but any backers at the $28 level and above will receive a copy for free while backers at the Physical + Digital level ($125) will receive two copies for free.

Details on just what the Vita version entails were revealed as well, with both digital and physical copies confirmed, as well as the ability to export the game’s soundtrack to the Vita’s library, touch screen map support, PlayStation TV support, and cross-save with the PS4 version confirmed.

We’ll see just how many more, if any, stretch goals Bloodstained can reach in its final days, but if it does, we’ll let you know.

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