Bloody SP80 Gaming Mouse Review — Streamlined Comfort

Bloody SP80 Gaming Mouse Review — Streamlined Comfort

Bloody's SP80 mouse puts comfort at the forefront of its design and makes long gaming sessions even more enjoyable.

I’ve never really been a mouse snob. Out of all PC accessories and hardware that I might use while gaming, the mouse is the one I’ve always been least concerned about. For years now, I’ve always been totally okay with using a cheap wireless mouse and haven’t thought much about investing something a bit nicer.

Well, after using Bloody’s SP80 model gaming mouse the past few weeks, I think it’s safe to say that I’ve now drastically changed that stance. Moments after first getting this new device into my hands, I knew that I had been doing it wrong for so many years. While the SP80 might not have as many additional features and buttons compared to some other mouses on the market, it’s this overwhelming feeling of comfort that has won me over.

Bloody SP80 Gaming Mouse Review — Streamlined Comfort

The SP80 feel fantastic to use, especially for more extended gaming sessions. The mouse has been designed to fit perfectly in your hand with two your index finger and middle finger fitting snugly on both the left and right sides of the mouse. The rubberized grips on each side are also a small but noticeable addition that allows you to get a better grasp. Plus, the SP80 is designed with ambidextrous use in mind, so it doesn’t feel too skewed in design for right-handed players.

Similar to the Bloody B975 keyboard that we recently reviewed, the SP80 is also an optical device, meaning that the click triggers on each both the left and right side operate much more quickly. Compared to the standard mouse that I had been using beforehand, I immediately noticed a difference and knew that my response times from click to it taking effect in-game were better. The click of each trigger also just has a good feel to it as well, similar to what I said about Bloody’s keyboard. A feeling is a weird thing to quantify or explain further in a review like this, but just the simple act of using the SP80 is terrific.

Also, the SP80’s scroll wheel also has benefited from optical overhauls and as a result, it too feels incredibly smooth to use. By comparison, the scroll wheel’s improvements don’t feel as drastic compared to that of a standard mouse, but you can still tell the difference.

Bloody SP80 Gaming Mouse Review — Streamlined Comfort

One of the other fantastic aspects of the SP80 is the metal feet that are on the bottom of the mouse. Not only have I found that these metal feet make the mouse move much more easily, but they are also far sturdier than the plastic or rubberized feet that are seen on most other mouses. I’ve also noticed that these feet don’t collect dust and other gunk in the same way that others do. Plus, the traction is so smooth that even if you don’t happen to have a mousepad on hand, you should still be able to glide about with ease.

As for the other features of the SP80, there are five additional buttons on the mouse with two appearing on the left side and the other three falling right behind the scrolling wheel. By default, the three buttons on the top cycle you through different clicking options but you’re able to adjust these.

As it is with most Bloody products, you can also download software off of the manufacturer’s site that will allow you to further customize some of the settings of the SP80 to make it specific to not only how you like your own mouse settings, but you can also change it depending on the genre of game you might be playing. Much like the rest of the SP80, I appreciate this manner of customization compared to some mouses that come with too many additional buttons. If you’re someone who likes to have all of those extra buttons at your disposal to program, then that’s fine, but I think what the SP80 offers is more than enough.

The SP80 is designed with gaming in mind, obviously, but it has since become my go-to mouse for nearly all purposes. It’s the mouse that is pretty much always plugged into my computer at this point and is the one I love to use the most purely because of its form factor. While it might not have as many additional features as some other mouses on the market, I think it is more than adequate and does precisely what it should. Coming in at $59.99, I don’t think it’s a high cost to pay for a device that I imagine many others will fall in love with once they pick it up for the first time.