Bloom Into You Hololive Stream - Mori Calliope, Takanashi Kiara Share Heartwarming Manga Live Read

By Iyane Agossah

August 10, 2021

You might have missed it, but Hololive VTubers Mori Calliope and Takanashi Kiara just did a live reading stream of Bloom Into You (Yagate Kimi ni Naru) the Shoujo Ai manga by Nio Nakatani.

Character Demo – “Sayu: Yoohoo Art, Mujina Escape” | Genshin Impact

Character Demo – “Sayu: Yoohoo Art, Mujina Escape” | Genshin Impact

Bloom Into You voiced live by Hololive members Mori Calliope, Takanashi Kiara

As usual on these live reading streams, the two VTubers each voiced one of the characters, Yuu Koito and Touko Nanami. Seeing Bloom Into You is a yuri series, a lot of shippers will run with this. The pair sometimes read each other’s lines wrongly too, which added a lot of fun to the stream.

Mori Calliope and Takanashi Kiara read the first two chapters, and also promoted the digital version of the manga on Bookwalker. Seeing the power of VTubers nowadays, and all those who’d follow their recommendations, this definitely boosted the manga’s popularity. The mangaka of the series, Nio Nakatani, also endorsed the live stream on Twitter.

The Bloom Into You stream of Mori Calliope with Takanashi Kiara as a guest is archived on YouTube. Catch it right below.

  • TALES OF ARISE – Takanashi Kiara is the JRPG’s official ambassador

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Takanashi Kiara and Mori Calliope debuted as part of the first generation of HololiveEN, alongside Watson Amelia, and Gawr Gura, who is now in terms of subscribers the most popular VTuber ever, ahead of Kizuna Ai. Hololive is also currently working on Hololive Alternative, Hololive Prelude, and Hololive Error.

VTubers regularly do live reading streams like this in Japan, so naturally, the EN branch of Hololive picked it up as well. The one thing I regret though is that these steams are sometimes announced only a few hours before they happen, and are easy to miss. I honestly don’t get how some VTuber fans have the time to listen to so many streams live, even while doing something else at the same time.

Nio Nakatani debuted Yagate Kimi ni Naru / Bloom Into You in 2015. The yuri series has ended with eight volumes in Japan, and it’s also licensed by Sevens Seas in the United States. Yagate Kimi ni Naru also got an anime adaptation, but it only goes up to volume 5 of the manga. You’ll have to read the manga to see the ending.

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