Blow People Up Locally or Online With The Playstation 4 Exclusive, Basement Crawl

on January 17, 2014 8:15 PM

Basement Crawl is an upcoming Playstation 4 exclusive that is in the vein of Bomberman.

Developed by Bloober Team, the game is inspired by grindhouse horror movies and promises to “create a completely addictive experience.” The game will allow gamers to play 4-on-4 battles locally or 8-on-8 online. Not a lot of games feature local play options these days so this feature makes Basement Crawl stand out.

There will be four classes and nine arenas to chose from. You’ll have to change up your tactics depending on which class you play as and in what arena you’re currently in. There will be unique power ups and bombs for each player as well.

Basement Crawl will be a heavily skill based game. Reflexes and strategy are what will help you win.

Basement Crawl focuses very very heavily on skill. We don’t care how many hours you grind in other games to progress and get the highest rank or unbeatable weapons. Here, it’s all about reflexes and strategy. If you are the more skilled player — whether you’ve played for a minute or a year — you will win.

No official word yet on when Basement Crawl will be released but it should be in the first quarter of 2014. Stay tuned for more news as it develops.

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