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Blox Fruits Soul Fruits - What Are They and How to Obtain

December 31, 2021

Finally, the developers of Blox Fruits have rolled out the final update of the year, update 17. Soon after the release, players have been widely searching for Soul Fruits. In this article, we will be discussing what are exactly Soul Fruits in Blox Fruits, how to use and obtain them. 

What are Soul Fruits?

Out of so many Fruits in the game, Soul Fruits are the top tier fruits that enhance your moves during the action and allow you to control the mood meter. Moreover, it allows you to summon the Soul Snatchers that fight along with you on the battlefield.

How to use Soul Fruits?

There are multiple ways of using those and ideally, you should be using them according to the situation. The Soul Fruits also allow you to summon the Soul Snatchers who eventually help you collect the souls of the enemy you eliminate. Also, there are a total of 600 mastery points which one should obtain while grinding the levels.

How to obtain Soul Fruits?

In order to get your hands on it, simply head to the purchase option in-game. The stocks stats will be displayed once you’ve entered the menu. In addition, you can also gift your friends as well by purchasing it. 

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Regarding the purchase, you can either buy it with real money or Robux. We would advise you to make the payment using Robux as it is fast and reliable. Once you are done purchasing it, it will be instantly available to use. 

How to obtain more Soul Fruits or Souls?

It is fairly easy to obtain more of them. Before you proceed, note that the number of souls after you have equipped the Fruit must be three. All you have to do is, slay an enemy and obtain their soul to raise the count. On top of that, you can summon the Soul Snatcher to inflict massive damage on the enemies and the same can be upgraded by collecting mastery points.

That’s all about Soul Fruits in Blox Fruits, also make sure to go through the latest update of Blox Fruits.

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