Blu-ray Storage Capacity Being Increased. Booya!

Blu-ray Storage Capacity Being Increased. Booya!

Somewhere in Japan, Hideo Kojima is in an isolated bathroom sitting on a toilet, with a handful of Hello Kitty lubrication, whacking away ferociously at his ding-dong, at the excitement of some news that has just surfaced regarding Sony and Panasonic announcing plans to increase the capacity of Blu-ray discs (e.g PS3 games) from the current 25GB to 33.4GB. Complain now, Mr. Kojima!

According to Nikkei, the increase comes courtesy of some new ways to evaluate content on the disc. For those of you who are just as geeky as I am and enjoy tech talk, what this basically means is that we can say “thank you” to new partial response maximum likelihood (PRML) signal processing, which “assumes inter-symbol interference, which makes it difficult to base optical disc quality evaluation on jitter, as is widely done now for Blu-ray and many other optical discs.” Yep. That’s what she said.

The great thing about this – and this goes for everyone who owns or plans on owning a Blu-ray player – is that this upgrade-thinga-majig will be compatible with all existing Blu-ray players. What will you need to make this work? How about a little something called “firmware update”? That’s all there is to it, folks. Turn your device on, let it do its thing, and you’re gold.

If you’re still reading this and are expecting even better news, how about this. Ready? The increase will apply to all layers of the disc. So, as soon as dual-layered Blu-ray discs become the norm, you’ll be fitting 66.8GB of data on a single disc. I bet right about now, Kojima has rug-burn on his wee-wee.