Blue Archive Tier List - Which Waifu Should You Stop Your Reroll For

Here are the top tier characters you should reroll for in Blue Archive.

November 9, 2021

Blue Archive is out this November 9 with a Global English version, here’s a quick character tier list guide to help you decide whether to keep an account or not after a reroll.

Blue Archive was developed by Korean developer NAT Games under Nexon. It was first published in South Korea, in Japan by Yostar, and now in English by Nexon. I’ve been following the game since its Japanese release in February 2021, and it has been mainly praised for its characters and story. Most of the characters have all become incredibly popular as well, with regular fanart on Twitter.

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Blue Archive – Best characters to keep in a reroll

Seeing the Japanese version of Blue Archive launched several months ago, Japanese fans already made a list of the best characters to aim for when rerolling. I compiled their impressions below.

First, you have Iori, who is pretty much the character most Japanese players agree is the best in the meta. Together with Iori, we have Hibiki who’s considered to be just as strong for different reasons. Basically, among the 3-stars characters, if you pull either Iori or Hibiki, you just keep that account and stop your reroll marathon. They’re the two top-tier characters of Blue Archive.

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After that, you’ve got several A-tier characters in the Blue Archive reroll meta: Shiyun, Haruna, Mashiro, Karin, Shiroko, Hina, and Midori. Basically, if you get one of these characters, you could stop your rerolls too.

Additional thoughts

Personally speaking though, I’d add that you’ll be better off focusing on rerolling for the characters you like. Either visually, or for their initial personality traits or first story elements. This will keep you on the game for the long run.

Especially since the game’s battles are automatic, besides the manual skills usage. I believe you will get tired of Blue Archive really fast if you purely focus on the meta rather than on which girl do you wanna marry. Unless you’re really into sociage and gacha in the first place.

As a side note, as I probably won’t have the occasion to write about Blue Archive outside of guides like this, I must point out the English translation of the game seems particularly well done. Moreover, while many fans were worried about Nexon handling this global version, the company is doing a really good job with the global version of KonoFan so far, so I think Blue Archive could turn out nicely as well. Only time will tell.

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