Blue Heaven is a Bloody and Dark Cyberpunk Action RPG Now Live on Kickstarter

Blue Heaven is a Bloody and Dark Cyberpunk Action RPG Now Live on Kickstarter

Today, developer Brainworn Games announced its new game: Blue Heaven. Further it revealed that it has taken Blue Heaven to Kickstarter in order to raise funds for the cost of development.

According to Brainworn Games, Blue Heaven is a combination of an action RPG and hack n’ slash that is targeted only for adults. The game is said to tell a bloody story from a mercenary named V1CT0R Wylde whose work is to “enforce the law in a futuristic and decadent cyberpunk universe, where good and evil are almost indistinguishable and dirty sex, deadly drugs and decomposing corpses are easy to find among the dark alleys of every metropolis.” However, soon Wylde will have to abandon the world he knows to explore unknown territories in order to save the last bit of remaining humanity left in him. In this process, he gets involved in a wildly unpredictable conflict.

As mentioned above, the the game is targeted for adults. Whats this means is it tells a bloody story “without the frames of what is politically correct.” Aka, it will include sex, drugs, gambling, slavery and more.

Also hinted at above is the game’s setting: a decadent cyberpunk universe. Wylde is said to represent the opposite of a hero. He works for the State in a big ruined city, enforcing the Law of a corrupt oligarchy. There are no good or evil people in this world, including Wylde.

The game notably boasts animations that have been drawn on real video footage captured by using 8 cameras simultaneously, which is said to produce more realistic environments. As far as the developer knows, Blue Heaven is the the first pixel-art game developed with isometric perspective with rotoscoping.

Additionally, the game will have scenes of cinematics, using flat colors and thin strokes, and also some animation with rotoscoping. According to Brainworn games, its aim is to recreate dark, worn-down and oppressive urban settings. Thus it won’t be using tiles, but backgrounds drawn separately.

Lastly, the game is said to posses a deep narrative, with dialogue that allows the player to learn about the world and the people that populate it. And while players will be able to choose the questions and answers, these will only affect the scene in which the conversation takes place and the subsequent answers from the rest of the characters, not the narrative as a whole.

Here’s more information on the game’s setting, protagonist, and narrative:

Setting –

Blue Heaven presents a world of lies, where misery is dressed up as a hope from the past. Even though little is known about the events that occurred centuries ago, beyond what the Servants keep in the silicon codices, the photos of the vibrant cities that stretch to the horizon and machines capable of reaching the sky like birds are enough to fill the minds of those attending the Sunday Liturgy with fantasies. Their creed is based on the cult of technology, on the illusion of becoming again what they once were. A faith that guides a society towards a common point that runs away from the memory of the last county wars, still fresh in the memory of the elders. This is the driving force that moves in the same direction the bleeding civilizations that survive thanks to the remains of their ancestors. But that’s just the most superficial layer. There’s the community’s appearance, freedom’s appearance, security’s appearance, progress’ appearance, peace’s appearance… Essential illusions crafted by politics that everyone wants to believe in. Wants to, but cannot. And fully aware of it, the small States lighten the weight of reality by supplying the population with all kinds of soft drugs, and fomenting the creation of businesses related to prostitution, bloody shows and gambling. Giving in to vices is the only way of keeping one’s sanity in this dark and cold world, barely lit by the weak neon lights. A world of grey people, where there are no angels or demons, where people have to live with their own contradictions. Every individual must look after himself and fight for his interests; the luckiest ones try to climb the social ladder, while the rest just try to stay afloat.

Protagonist –

You’ll be V1CT0R Wylde, a middle-aged man with a serious, aggressive, brave and skeptical personality, and with low life aspirations. Experienced in lots of street fights, he made a career out of it when he joined the Jackal Gang. His job as a mercenary for the State allows him to release big doses of adrenaline without having to question the morality of his acts. He uses the money he earns with the guards and the assignments, mainly, to restock and improve his weapons, and in brothels. What matters most to him, like most of his neighbors, is to survive another day. He’s the opposite of a hero, although unlike other fellows or rivals, he has his own code of conduct to which he clings as if it were his religion: don’t attack someone unarmed or that doesn’t pose a threat, don’t avoid a fight unless it is suicidal, and don’t interfere in the affairs of others. He tries not to think about the future and not to hold sentimental ties with anyone. That’s the way it has been for the last 20 years. But society changes and age takes its toll on all of us. Maybe V1CT0R is about to discover new facets of life he never imagined…

Narrative –

The world of Blue Heaven communicates with players through the eyes of V1CT0R, the protagonist, in a direct way using the dialogues in which he is involved. There are no flashbacks or any omniscient narrator. However, his story is not the most important thing, he is just the means. The main character is the universe in which the narrative develops: the personal relationships, the power struggles, the residents’ ways of thinking, the history of the States, and the mysteries hidden in their ruins… We expect to present the action and the characters from an adult perspective. We are used to those big companies that treat the player like a child when making games classified R +18, but they end up reducing an apparent complex and interesting premise to a blockbuster for teenagers. When we talk about adult content, we don’t only talk about the gore and the sex, but also about the authenticity of the events narrated; we talk about transmitting a combination of complex feelings only a mature person can empathize with; we talk about avoiding the overused clichés of good and evil characters, and other childish reductions of reality. We also won’t hold back when it comes to things that might hurt the player’s sensitivity or be politically incorrect. We trust in the maturity of the player and his capacity to separate reality from fiction. We warn that the game will have explicit sex scenes, drug use, slavery, sexism, violence and child exploitation, and it will come with a “censured mode” in case the player wants to stream the gameplay.

Blue Heaven is aiming to raise $60,000 USD and release sometime in 2019. According to the game’s website, it is only in development for “PC (for now),” which leaves the door open for it to come to consoles, Mac, Linux, etc., as well.

Below, you can check out the game’s debut screenshots and concept art and its announcement trailer (NSFW):