Blue Protocol Closed Beta Test, New Trailer Revealed [Update]

Blue Protocol Closed Beta Test, New Trailer Revealed [Update]

Bandai Namco revealed a new trailer and a closed beta for anime-stylized, PC exclusive online multiplayer RPG Blue Protocol.

Just as planned, Bandai Namco and Bandai Namco Online held today a stream for Blue Protocol, an anime-stylized multiplayer online RPG coming to PC. The game’s first Closed Beta Test was announced, and we got to see a new, pretty cool trailer, running on the latest build of the game.

During the stream, Blue Protocol‘s staff mentioned development is going well. They’ve analyzed all the feedback they’ve got from the Closed Alpha Test from July 2019 and included much of the feedback from players into the game.

Next, we learned additional details on the game. Most notably how it’ll feature Mounts with various abilities. Certain Mounts can fight together with you, while some can use support skills like healing skills. We also saw some of the new character creation possibilities that will be added to the game, such as animalistic ears.

Next, the first Closed Beta Test for Blue Protocol was announced. 50,000 players will be accepted, and applications will open on February 12. The Closed Beta will be held in late March and last for four days. Specific dates and times will be published at a later date on the game’s official Twitter. 

Blue Protocol was only announced in Japan for now, on PC. It’ll probably get announced outside Japan at some point. The game was revealed in June 2019 by Bandai Namco. You can check out the first trailer here. You can check some gameplay and how character creation works over here.

The Blue Protocol Closed Beta Test trailer is included below, along with the full stream.

Update: The NDA on the Closed Alpha Test was lifted. Players who participated in the Alpha are now free to share screenshots and footage, so you’ll find some on SNS and YouTube. During the stream, the staff also mentioned streams will be happening regularly now. The next stream will focus on introducing the feedback from players and what will change in the Closed Beta compared to the Closed Alpha.

On Reddit, user Furia_BD also pointed out Bandai Namco is recruiting a localization director for Blue Protocol, meaning an English version will definitely be announced at some point.