Blue Protocol Staff Answers FAQ on PvP, Trading, Recreating Characters and More, New Gameplay

Bandai Namco shared a FAQ and factbox for its upcoming PC online RPG Blue Protocol along with new gameplay for each class.

By Iyane Agossah

February 20, 2020

Bandai Namco held the second stream for Online RPG Blue Protocol on February 20. Multiple gameplay sequences were shown, and the Blue Protocol staff answered many questions via an FAQ. We’ve translated all the details below.

This Blue Protocol FAQ re-explains certain features we already heard about in the past, but it also reveals new details and upcoming features:

  • Blue Protocol is free-to-play. You’ll be able to buy cosmetic items with real money. The staff is also thinking about doing something like a subscription Premium Service. But you’ll never be able to get gameplay-related advantages with real money.
  • More voices types for the player character will be added. More voiced lines for the player character in the main story will be added as well.
  • In the long run, it’ll be possible to recreate your character’s appearance, but they’re not done developing this feature yet. They’ll also increase the customization options. They also wish to let players change their characters’ gender but they’re not sure if they’ll be able to implement that yet.
  • Closed Beta Test players will be able to make 2 characters in it. And class change will be available.
  • They’re planning to add a guild-like system in the final game, but it’s still in-development. At the same time, they won’t make the game into an online RPG where you can’t play alone, taking into consideration players who are bad at communication. They definitely want to develop the community aspect of Blue Protocol though.
  • They wish to add virtual-life elements to the final game. Systems under consideration are buying houses, a casino system, a fishing system, etc. However, for now, they’ll focus on improving the core part of the game and the battle system.
  • Currently, there’s no trading system in the game. Blue Protocol‘s idea is to gather your own stuff yourself. It doesn’t mean that they won’t implement a trading system later on, but it probably won’t be for weapons and equips, and only be for cosmetic items, furniture, and the like.
  • For now, the staff isn’t planning to add PvP in Blue Protocol. It’s hard to make players who like PvP and players who don’t get along.
  • Blue Protocol will add new classes later on, and they are already working on new classes. However, developing a class takes a while, so they’re not sure when they will be implemented.
  • Blue Protocol has a lock-on system.
  • Each weapon has an element attached to it. There’s no weapon that can change elements on the fly.
  • The BGM changes when night falls.
  • There are no clothes or appearance customization options tied to classes.
  • They’ll add the possibility to change your clothes’ colors.
  • You can play with a controller.
  • The max resolution is Full HD because doing 4K doesn’t change much for an anime game like Blue Protocol. They’re planning to add an ultra-wide mode later.
  • You can change Blue Protocol‘s HUD layout, and move anything anywhere.
  • You can remap all the actions and buttons. You can also save a specific button mapping for each class.
  • Blue Protocol will do its utmost to fight against RMT, bots, and macro. Just like other online games, people who use these will get their accounts banned. Some cases already happened during the Closed Alpha Test. Blue Protocol will also display an error and make you unable to play if it detects certain 3rd-party programs running. Certain programs might be falsely flagged, and one of the upcoming Closed Beta Test’s purpose is to test this system.
  • Blue Protocol will have a Benchmark available in the future, and it’ll let you create a character. It’s still in development and won’t be ready for the Closed Beta Test, however.
  • Blue Protocol‘s voice cast wasn’t fully revealed yet because they cannot for now. This is also why they’re not revealing whether  Hiroyuki Sawano is Blue Protocol‘s composer or not, even though he did the BGM in the trailers.
  • Blue Protocol Line stamps might be released in the future. The stamps in the in-game chat are super cute so they probably will make them real in Line.

The third Blue Protocol stream will be on February 27. It will be the last stream before the Closed Beta Test happening in late March. As such, they asked what kind of content would you like to see in that stream, and you can tweet what you want in Japanese to the Blue Protocol Twitter account. They should show party gameplay and raid boss gameplay as well, as they talked about it in the previous stream, but ended up not showing any of that on this stream.

Throughout the stream, various gameplay sequences running on the latest build were also shown, to give an in-depth explanation of classes and the battle system. Note that this is in-development, in-debugging footage, and anything and everything is subject to change. You can find all the gameplay sequences’ timestamps linked below along with some explanations.

Blue Protocol was first announced in June 2019. The game was currently only announced in Japan and on PC. However, Bandai Namco is currently hiring for an English localization director for Blue Protocol, meaning an English version could be announced. The Closed Beta Test’s applications are open on the official site. You can also check out our summary of the previous stream and more gameplay.

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Gameplay explaining the Skill System and the Aegis Fighter class. Note that the enemies have been set to have infinite HP on this gameplay sequence:


Characters get Skill Points by leveling up, you’ll get points for the class you play, plus Bonus Skill points obtained by every class. You can reset your skill tree with a special ticket. You need a special currency to buy these, and you get this currency by progressing in the main story or defeating Raid Bosses.

Characters have passive and active skills. Classes with shields like the Aegis Fighter have a shield gauge that depletes when they block attacks. If the gauge is empty, you’ll be unable to use the Shield and Skills-related to shields.

Next, we have gameplay of the Twin Striker class. Note that enemies in this sequence have been set to no-attack mode:


Next is gameplay with the Blast Archer class:

Next, we have the Spellcaster class:

Lastly, they explained how the game has 6 elemental attributes. Each enemy is weak to a certain element. Each element has a specific status ailment too, like burning, decreasing HP over time, for fire element. They explained and showcased all that with more gameplay:

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