Blue Protocol: More Gameplay, New Area Revealed, New Class Teased

Blue Protocol will get a strict Matching system test in November. More gameplay and features were revealed in a new stream.

October 12, 2020

Bandai Namco held a new Blue Protocol live stream on October 12, revealing more gameplay and announcing a new class will be included at launch. A new, but very short test was announced as well. Here are all the details.

During the Blue Protocol Closed Beta Test in April 2020, many players experienced issues when using the Matching feature for Instance Dungeons. Now, the Matching system was revamped. The new test is purely to test the new Matching function. As such, the game will be in the same version as in the last Closed Beta Test, with none of the new content or features they developed since then. Moreover, the test will be very short, it’s on November 7, from 1900 to 2159 JST, and players will be required to follow a very strict schedule during these two hours, quickly making their characters and testing specific quests with matching. If you can’t speak Japanese, don’t register.

The staff again stressed out Blue Protocol isn’t realeasing soon. And how it’s not like most games nowadays, who launch soon after their Closed Beta Test. They’ll keep carefully testing the game to perfect it. However, the Matching Test is a good step towards release. For now, we only know the game won’t be launching before April 2021, the next fiscal year.

Besides the upcoming Matching system test, new features of the Character Creation system in Blue Protocol were introduced:

First, we’ll be able to change the light source during character creation, to test how your character looks in various lightning. Next, the angles of the eyes, and the brightness of eyelashes can now be customized. And eyes can now be made of four different colors mixed together. They noted that recent anime movies tend to do that, so they’re doing it too. There’s also a “jiggle” button that shows you how your character’s hair will sway, but also how the breast jiggle will look if it’s a female character.

You can check the new Blue Protocol Character Creation gameplay shown on stream starting the 28:00 timestamp:

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Following this, a new city was introduced, サラムザート・オアシス / Salamzart Oasis. It has less height variations than starting city Astelize, is more like a village, and is desert based, with the NPCs in it being lightly dressed. Some screenshots were shared:

Another new feature was revealed: players who aren’t accustomed to action games will be able to ask NPCs for help. We got to see gameplay of a player being aided by Jake, one of the characters in the main story. See at the 34:26 timestamp:

Next, another new feature, the Evasion Attack, was introduced. Basically, if you attack while evading, you’ll do an Evasion Attack, and each class has a different one. The Spell Caster class for exampls shoots an AoE in all directions which blows back enemies. The magic system for Spell Caster was also changed so you can use any magic or buff in any order:

Lastly, the staff confirmed that when Blue Protocol launches, a brand new Class will be added. Currently there are four classes available: Aegis Fighter, Twin Striker, Blast Archer, Spell Caster. The new Class’ development is almost over, and they said it’s really good. They’re currently deciding the name of the new Class. The Class will be revealed at a later date.

That’s all for this October stream. Read about the past stream here.

15,000 players will participate in the Matching System Test on November 7. 100 players picked through lottery will win a Blue Protocol tshirt.

Blue Protocol was only announced in Japan and on PC for now, with no release date. However, Blue Protocol might also come to PS5 and Xbox Series X seeing job listings. Moreover, a global version has been teased multiple times, alongside an anime adaptation.

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