Online Action RPG Blue Protocol First Trailer and Alpha Test Dates Revealed

Online Action RPG Blue Protocol First Trailer and Alpha Test Dates Revealed

Blue Protocol has four different classes revealed so far, Closed Alpha Test to stress test the servers and get player feedback is happening this July in Japan.

Bandai Namco revealed more on its upcoming brand new IP, the online action RPG Blue Protocol. First off, Blue Protocol‘s first trailer was published, showing its pretty nifty looking action battles. The trailer is included below.

Blue Protocol‘s story, which most people probably won’t care that much about unless it turns out really good, is basically about time travelers from the future who are trying to save their planet.

Next, Bandai Namco announced a Closed Alpha Test for Blue Protocol will be held from July 26 to July 28, with the servers being open for four hours on each day. Registrations for the Closed Alpha Test opened on the official site and will close on July 16 11:00 JST. 5000 players will be selected for the test with a lottery. It’s worth noting players participating in Blue Protocol‘s CAT will be prohibited from sharing information, screenshots or footage from it.

The test is in order to stress test the servers and to get feedback from players on how to improve the game. It’ll include four playable classes, seen above: Aegis Fighter, Twin Striker, Blast Archer, and Spellcaster.

It’ll also feature towns and vast fields, and two dungeons to explore: “The Insects’ Fortress” and “The Giant Dragon’s Scar”.

It’s also worth noting that certain Japanese news site such as 4 Gamer also got provided additional tickets for the Beta for their readers to lottery roll for.

As usual with these kinds of online games’ tests, the regulations state only people living in Japan can register but you can always try your luck with google translate. After Blue Protocol got announced at the end of June, I thought I’d be an SAO-like game, but this looks more similar to a highly fast-paced version of Sega’s Phantasy Star Online 2. Will see how it turns out.

More in-development screenshots are included below along with the trailer. Blue Protocol will be releasing on PC, but has no release date estimate as of now and wasn’t announced outside Japan either. Though it’ll probably come around as even the official site has some of its parts translated in English.