Blue Reflection Shows What Magical Girls Can Do in Their Down Time in New Trailer

Blue Reflection Shows What Magical Girls Can Do in Their Down Time in New Trailer

There's a lot to do outside of battle in Koei Tecmo's Blue Reflection. New details have been released showing off what players can do in their free time, along with a new trailer.

Koei Tecmo released new details for the Gust developed magical girl RPG Blue Reflection, coming to PlayStation 4 and PC-via Steam on September 26 in North America and September 29 in Europe.

In Blue Reflection, players will be able pretty much live the life of high-school girl who happens to also be a magical girl, “Reflector”. Players will assume the role of Hinako Shirai as she become accustomed to her new Reflector powers and attempts to live a normal school life at the same time.

Blue Reflection’s gameplay focuses on the relationship between the characters. The more Hinako spends time with her friends, the stronger their Bond becomes. This is an important feature for the game’s battle system because it also strengthens the support Hinako gets from them.

Special “Bond Episodes” will take place on the school grounds during down time. Also, after class, players will be able to go on “Date Events”, which will take the characters off the school grounds and allow them to go to movies or festivals together.

By participating in these events, new missions and story scenarios will open up. Furthermore, new powerful skills will unlock depending on how strong the bond between the characters become.

Going out not your thing? Players can just have Hinako go home and relax, maybe take a bath. This is also a good time to connect to friends using the FreeSpace! App, which is a social media tool at Hoshinomiya Girl’s School.

Recently, Koei Tecmo released a few other trailers showing battle gameplay as well ass an introduction trailer for Hinako.

You can check out a new trailer showing English gameplay as well as screenshots showing the social events below: