PS4/PS Vita Exclusive Blue Reflection Gets New Screenshots and Info: Story, Battle System and More

PS4/PS Vita Exclusive Blue Reflection Gets New Screenshots and Info: Story, Battle System and More

Gust shows off more of its upcoming JRPG Blue Reflection, that keeps looking a lot like a modern Sailor Moon, and that's certainly not a bad thing.

Today is Sunday (even if it’s already Monday in Japan), and like almost every Sunday we get some news from Gust, this time around about their upcoming JRPG Blue Reflection: Maboroshi Ni Mau Shojo no Ken.

We get to read more about the beginning of the story.

Hinako Shirai enrolled into Hoshinomiya Girls High School, but could not attend classes at the beginning of the first year due to a foot injury that also prevented her to pursue her passion for ballet. When she goes to school for the first time, it’s summer, and it’s almost time for the cultural festival.

Hanako, who didn’t attend the entrance ceremony, encounters Sanae Nishida, a students from the same junior high school. Sanae tries to gently inquire about Hanako’s injury and ballet, but the conversation becomes uncomfortable, with an unusual atmosphere.

Soon Hanako notices that Sanae is surrounded by a strange aura, and suddenly she finds herself in a strange world. She encounters demons that she has never seen, and places she could only imagine, ans she can hear the voices of two girls as she tries to hide. They say “all right, you’ll fight.”

They infuse some power in Hanako’s ring, and she suddenly finds her body engulfed in a mysterious light. She is told that she has the power to fight as a “reflector,” and she annihilates the monsters in front of her, surprised at her newly found physical abilities and by the fact that her foot can move freely.

After defeating the monsters, she is transported back to the hallway of the school where she was before, and the strange aura disappeared from around Sanae, who leaves like nothing happened.

When Hanaki enters the classroom for the first time, she hears the voices of the girls from the other world, Yuzuki and Lime Shijo. They suddenly recommend Hanako for the executive committee of the cultural festival, and surprisingly the rest of the class agrees unanimously.

Even though she is troubled by the shocking turn of events, this is how Hanako takes the first step of a new life under the evening moon and with the power to make her dreams come true.

The game also includes, on top of the main story, many episodes focused on different characters, and a number of those will happen during free time after school.

We also learn about the battle system. Reflectors fight by using “ether” which is the power of emotion. Managing your ether is a key factor to victory. You can charge up your ether by selecting “ether charge” when your turn comes. This will raise the percentage value on the lower left of the screen.

Ether is consumed by using recovery ability that provide HP and MP to your group, and by guarding against enemy attacks. By pressing the right buttons at the right time as the enemy acts, you will consumemore ether, but the action is also more effective. Otherwise, you can decide to conserve your ether by not pressing the buttons.

When you fight against the “original species,” which are the main enemies of the game, the “guard” option will change to “reflect” if certain conditions are met. If you’re successful in reflecting, you can expand your defensive barrier and attack at the same time. You’ll be prompted again to press buttons at the right time, and if you succeed, you’ll deal massive damage.

On top of this, we get the introduction of another among the “original species,” the Netsak, that attacks with a powerful energy beams shooting from its lance.

Last, but not least, a new character is introduced, Mao Ninagawa (voiced by Yumi Uchiyama, who lent her voice to Puck in Re:Zero,  Etoile in The Heroic Legend of Arslan, and Riri Miyamoto in Nisekoi).

She is a famous actress, and she is already quite popular since she debuted when she was just a child. While now things are a bit less hectic, she continues to work. While she doesn’t seek the position of a leader, she always end up being the center of everyone’s attention.

You can check out all the screenshots and art below, and also watch the latest trailer right here.