PS4/PS Vita Exclusive Blue Reflection Gets New Screenshots; Shows Battles and Daily Schoolgirl Life

PS4/PS Vita Exclusive Blue Reflection Gets New Screenshots; Shows Battles and Daily Schoolgirl Life

Today isn’t just Christmas. It’s also Sunday, and Sunday normally means Gust news in the pipeline (to be fair, it’s already Monday in Japan). Today they released a sizable batch of screenshots and art of the adorable sailormoon-like Bishoujo JRPG Blue Reflection: Maboroshi Ni Mau Shojo no Ken.

We get another look at protagonist Hinako Shirai and her many (potential) friends at school.

Hinako will have to juggle her time between her normal life as a student, and her secret identity as a reflector warrior. Think SailorMoon and you’ll get the idea.

In the morning she’ll wake up like every normal student, and she will get ready for school. The game will showcase various scenes in which she gets ready (because fanservice). Special scenes with other students will happen at school, during classes, lunch break and so on. Whether a scene happens or not depends on the “AC Value,” which represents the depth of the relationship with that student. Their appearance is evidence that the relationship has deepened.

After school, Hinako will be able to move freely around the school. You can meet other students, or go outside.

Certain students will be surrounded by a dark aura, which means that they’re troubled by a serious problem. By listening to their stories, it’s possible to receive missions to solve them. There are several kinds of missions, even single ones like finding a certain item for them.

The causes of a student’s problems are not limited to mundane things, but at times can be found in the “other world.” You can solve the problems by finding “fragments” of feelings causing them.

Different kinds of items can be found in the “other world,” but there are also dangerous monsters lurking about. Hinako will fight them skills and different kinds of attacks in classic turn-based gameplay, and she will also be able to unleash cooperative actions with her two companions. Winning grants more items, and it’s even possible to catch enemies by surprise initiating a first strike attack.

If you overcome the challenges of the “other world,” you can find the fragments, which will tell you the real feelings of the student in trouble. At times even students that appear calm are deeply troubled at the bottom of their hearts.

Returning to the real world, you’ll see that the dark aura has disappeared, and the problem is solved. This complete the mission, and you’ll get items and more as rewards. By solving big problems, the relationship between Hinako and her friends will grow, and the AC value goes up.

At times enemy “original species” will attack the real world, and a “purebred” may appear. Purebreds are extremely powerful, and massive. They could put Hinako in very serious danger even with a single blow. That’s why the students she helped will act as support, and will fight with her to push back the Purebred attacks, to protect the school and the real world.

You can check out the screenshots below. Blue Reflection will release in Japan on March 30th for PS4 and PS Vita.