Blue Reflection Gets Details on High School Life For a Magical Girl in New Trailer and Screenshots

July 11, 2017

Blue Reflection received new story details and trailer for its western release from Koei Tecmo, coming to PlayStation 4 and PC-via Steam on September 26 in North America and September 29 in Europe.

The player will assume the role of high school student Hinako Shirai as her life becomes a little more interesting. Entering the school, Hinako meets a middle school friend, Sanae Nishida, who seems to have a glowing aura surrounding her. Hinako suddenly gets sucked into another work world with demons fully intending to destroy her. Thankfully, the “magical twins” Yuzu and Lime bestow Reflector powers on Hinako, which gives her the power to fight.


This ends the streak of normal school days for Hinako. She must now protect other students and search out “crystallized emotion fragments”, which are the physical manifestation of struggles. To do this she will have to fight against rather strong monsters, while still keeping her grades up.

The trailer released show how she enters these parallel worlds and also the extent of the Reflector abilities. Additionally, the screenshots give a good look at how to balance magical girl life with high school life.

Recently, the game received a crossover with Final Fantasy XV, although it’s left to be seen if the west will also get this DLC treatment. Also, DualShockers learned that the game will contain Japanese voice audio only.

You can watch the new trailer below:

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