Blue Reflection Gets New PS4 Screenshots: Turn-Based Battles, Heroines and Schoolgirls

Blue Reflection Gets New PS4 Screenshots: Turn-Based Battles, Heroines and Schoolgirls

Today Gust released a batch of new screenshots of the upcoming JRPG Blue Reflection: Maboroshi Ni Mau Shojo no Ken, that will be released in Japan on March 30th for PS4 and PS Vita.

We learn that battles will have a classic turn-based setup, with the player selecting options like attack, and with a bar at the top of the screen showing the order of action between heroines and enemies.

By satisfying certain conditions, you can activate cooperative actions among the three reflectors, and when fighting the “original species” enemies in the real world, it’s possible to receive support from normal schoolgirls.

The player can choose characters that will act as support for the reflector, up to a maximum of four per reflector, meaning that up to fifteen characters will take part in each battle directly or indirectly.

The effect of support actions varies between characters. Some boost defense, others boost offense and more.

The original species are terribly powerful so even a single blow landed on the heroines could be lethal. It’s important to use cooperative and support skills to their full extent to block them.

The protagonist Hinako Shirai interacts with other students, mainly during her school life. At the beginning, the relationship with some of them is awkward, but Hinako can solve their problems and they will get involved with each other. This will bring various benefits. Their attitude towards Hinako in cutscene events will also change depending on the extent of their relationship.

It’s important to help other students, and to also meet them in social situations outside of school.

On top of the info mentioned above, we get to meet two of the girls that Hinako will meet.

Sanae Nishida comes from the same junior high school as Hinako, and they have known each other since then. She is a kind-hearted girl who cares for the protagonist. She belongs to the cooking club, and she’s actually good at it, but she’s not very good at asserting her own opinion.

Sarasa Morikawa is a genius dancer that excels at every kind of dance, including ballet. She became the top dancer of her class because Hinako retired due to her injury, and she is not convinced about her retirement. She feels a strong sense of rivalry against the protagonist, but she’s normally friendly with those around her thanks to her mature personality.

Below you can check out a batch of new screenshots, that are explicitly mentioned as coming from the PS4 version of the game (even if they’re obviously downsized to half resolution). You can also enjoy the first trailer here.