Blue Reflection for PS4 and PC Introduces Protagonist With New English Trailer

Blue Reflection for PS4 and PC Introduces Protagonist With New English Trailer

Koei Tecmo's Blue Reflection lets you live the life of a Japanese Schoolgirl with Sailormoon-like tendencies. What's not to love?

Today Koei Tecmo released a new trailer from the western release of its upcoming schoolgirl-meets-magical-girl simulator JRPG Blue Reflection.

We meet the protagonist of the game, Hinako Shirai. She is pretty much your usual Japanese schoolgirl, with great talent for ballet. Unfortunately an accident cuts her career short, and she is forced to revert to the usual routine from school to home… or maybe not.

One day she meets Lime and Yuzuki, from the same school, and they encourage her to become a Reflector to fight against mysterious invaders in a parallel world. Does this ring a bell? It probably does, because it’s similar to every magical girl anime ever, which is good, because there actually aren’t many games that really let you play that role.

This is actually the same trailer released in Japanese in January, but this time around we get English subtitles. I guess this means that we’re getting the whole slew of the Japanese character trailers. If you want to see them all without waiting for their English counterparts, we have them all: Yuri SaikiChihiro Inoue Shihori SugamotoYuzuki Shijou and Lime ShijouSanae Nishida Sarasa Morikawa, Mao NinagawaRin SanadaKei Karimiya, Kaori MitsuiRika Yoshimura and Shio Tatani.

You can also enjoy the latest English trailer, and the announcement of the western release.

Blue Reflection will release for PlayStation 4 and PC on September 26th in North America and September 29th in Europe.