Bluepoint Discusses the Challenge of Remastering the Uncharted Trilogy for PlayStation 4

Bluepoint Discusses the Challenge of Remastering the Uncharted Trilogy for PlayStation 4

Developer Bluepoint’s owner and CTO Marco Thrush talked with Digital Foundry of Eurogamer about the challenges and process of remastering the Uncharted trilogy for PlayStation 4.

Bluepoint created a lot of new assets, and also went through all of the old assets given by Naughty Dog one by one to see if they needed improvement. The main goal of any and all changes to the games was to, “make the games feel like they play the way you remember playing them, and feel good playing in any order in a collection.”

Development began right after The Last of Us Remastered shipped in June of 2014, with 15 months of development by a team of 48 people (at its peak). Bluepoint kept in close contact with both Sony and Naughty Dog, mentioning that they even got feedback from Evan Wells on Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune‘s grenade throwing adjustments. He also says that aiming sensitivity across all three games can be increased beyond the capacity of the PlayStation 3 versions, allowing for more precision during shooting.

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune obviously went through the most amount of changes, since it was the first game and released way back in 2007. Bluepoint mentions changes included, “aim assists, switching to cover, toggling weapons, throwing grenades, increasing pick-up radius all the way to improving DDA (Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment) and increasing the size of the collision on enemies’ heads, so that headshots feel more fair and satisfying to achieve.”

Lastly, speaking about the overall challenge, Bluepoint stated,

I guess the main challenge was getting six years’ worth of Naughty Dog’s content and code and making it work on a PS4, and then try to improve all of that while also adding new things – so basically, just the sheer amount of ‘everything’. The next most difficult task was probably figuring out how to get all the cinematics to render out again (we had to rely on archived data here), and getting them to look the same compared to the PS3.

You can read the entire interview at Eurogamer, and of course Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection is out now for your enjoyment on PlayStation 4.