Bluepoint Games Continues to Seemingly Tease Next Project, Demon's Souls Thought to be a Possibility

Bluepoint is back to making more obscure tweets that could be teasing the developer's next project.

November 29, 2019

To coincide with yet another American holiday, Bluepoint Games took to Twitter again recently to tease fans about just what the studio is cooking up at the moment.

This new tweet, that was shared on Thanksgiving, is somewhat nonsensical in its overall message. The post is mainly about giving thanks, but it also contains a ton of buzzwords associated with popular franchises that many have been asking Bluepoint to work on. Some of the most notable words that Bluepoint used in this tweet included blood, rekindle flames, beast, and genesis.

As mentioned, the last time Bluepoint did this was in another similar tweet last month on Halloween. That tweet contained words like syphon, symphony, and solid, which made some fans think they were teasing remakes of Syphon FilterCastlevania: Symphony of the Night, and Metal Gear Solid.

As for what some fans think Bluepoint could be teasing in this most recent message, FromSoftware’s Demon’s Souls remains a popular contender thanks to words like rekindle and flame. Others believe that a The Legend of Dragoon remake could be in the cards as well based on the teasers we’ve seen so far.

In my own estimation, I think it’s pretty hilarious that Bluepoint keeps messing with everyone in these brief messages but I also have no idea how accurate any of these teases are. Would Bluepoint really reveal to a degree the actual project that the studio is working on in a silly tweet like this? I’m almost more inclined to believe that whatever Bluepoint is working on next is something that hasn’t been teased on Twitter whatsoever, but I guess there’s no way to know that for sure at the moment.

With The Game Awards set to take place right around the corner, perhaps we’ll learn sooner rather than later what the remake masters over at Bluepoint are working on. And if we don’t, well, at this pace, we’ll likely get another strange tweet on our timelines come Christmas day at the very least.

Personally I really and hoping that this new remake will indeed turn out to be Demon’s Souls. With that game’s servers having gone offline last year, we need a new way to play it on modern platforms. Fingers crossed.

Logan Moore

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