Board Game Fun Arrives With Dungeon Twister on July 3rd for PSN

on June 29, 2012 10:03 AM

On Tuesday, July 3rd, the board game Dungeon Twister will be arriving on PSN. Dungeon Twister is a turn based strategy game that is described as a mix of chess and Dungeons & Dragons.

The story revolves around the Arch-Mage that has found immortality but ends up becoming bored so he has dwarves and gnomes build labyrinths. These labyrinths consist of mechanical rooms known as the Dungeon Twisters and then they are populated with adventurers and creatures. Combatants must avoid traps, battle with attackers, and figure out the labyrinth’s secrets to escape.

To win a player must score five Victory Points that can be earned in different ways. Players can kill an opponent to gain a point or guide a character to the exit of the dungeon earns a point. Each turn a player spends Action Points that can allow movement of a character, initiation of combat, activate a special power, or cause a room to rotate.

Board Game Fun Arrives With Dungeon Twister on July 3rd for PSN

The dungeon contains eight rooms that can be one of four different colors. Each room has closed gates, deadly pits, and a rotation gear that rotates the room and rooms of similar color. This can be used to open up new paths or to slow down other players.

Players will control a team of eight characters that each have a special power. Wall-Walkers can walk through walls, Mekanork can rotate rooms, Thieves can open gates and navigate deadly pits, and Trolls can regenerate when hurt. The game also features magic objects place in the dungeon that provide more actions, instantly kill a foe, or bypass pits.

The game features a training mode with 20 different scenarios to adapt new players to the basics of the game. Players can then connect online and take on other players. Dungeon Twister makes use of the PlayStation Eye to allow communication between players.

Board Game Fun Arrives With Dungeon Twister on July 3rd for PSN

Dungeon Twister will arrive on PSN for $9.99 on July 3rd. Those interested in turned based strategy games will want to give this game a go when it is released.

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