Board Game Mega-Publisher CMON Kicks Off Online Expo Tomorrow

CMON is one of the biggest publishers in board gaming, making their digital expo something fans should pay attention to this weekend.

With all the cancellations happening around the world due to the coronavirus, it has quickly become the trend to hold digital versions. Obviously, this makes total sense for video game companies, but even board games are hopping on. CMON Expo is an annual convention showing off some of the exciting new titles from the board game mega-publisher. Unfortunately, the in-person event can’t happen, but the team is moving ahead with an online version this weekend. Check it out.

CMON has already been on a tear this year. They’ve successfully funded Kickstarter campaigns for Ankh: Gods of Egypt and Marvel United. Plus, their God of War: The Card Game title is picking up awards all over the place. They are always a company to pay attention to; however, this could easily be one of their most exciting years ever. If you weren’t already planning to keep an eye on the virtual expo this weekend, I’d highly recommend you change your mind.

Of course, DualShockers will have at least one eye on the event all weekend long. Last year we got some great looks at games like Trudvang Legends and Bloodborne: The Card Game. And, with GenCon very much still up in the air, it wouldn’t be surprising for CMON to announce some heavy-hitters this weekend. That said, the expo is usually less geared toward announcements and just getting people together to play some great games. Obviously, that’s out of the window. So, at the very least, it will be interesting to see what they do to keep interest levels up.

The CMON Virtual Expo kicks off on May 16. It runs through the weekend with all manner of events and announcements. Be sure to give it a look if you have the time.

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