The Board Game Remix Kit Makes Old Games New Again for Free

With so many people cooping up inside as we do what we can to fight COVID-19, games of all types have been a welcome respite from boredom. And, while there are plenty of great, modern board games you could be playing, there are sure to be players out there who only own classics like Monopoly or Clue. Those are games you’ve likely played one hundred times, so maybe you’re looking for something new. Fortunately for those players, the Hide&Seek company has made their Board Game Remix Kit available for free during the pandemic. The kit was originally published back in 2010, but, as one member of the team put it, “it was worth digging back up”.

Holly Gramazio most recently wrote Dicey Dungeons and Hide&Seek closed its doors in 2014. However, seeing one of the company’s works live on in like this is heartwarming. Each new game breaks down into one of three categories. You’ll either play a tweaked version of the base game, a brand new game using the old pieces, or a mash-up of different games. The kit uses Monopoly, Scrabble, Clue, and Trivial Pursuit as the base games. That said, you can probably improvise with some other games if need be.

The mash-ups, in particular, seem like a good time. In one, you’re playing as London cab drivers taking passengers around the Monopoly streets. However, you can only move when you correctly answer Trivial Pursuit questions. Another has you playing basic Scrabble, but using Monopoly money to buy letters you need from other players. You can even give another player money to let you take their turn for them. It’s all incredibly inventive stuff that is sure to please a crowd who thinks they’re sitting down for another crummy evening playing Monopoly (apologies if you’re one of the five people in the world who like Monopoly).

The Board Game Remix Kit is available now on As mentioned above, the kit is free. However, if you can afford it, the team would love for you to donate to the World Health Organization.

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