Bodycheck, a Sports Game for Non-Sports Fans, Coming to Playstation Vita This Fall

If you’re a person that isn’t really into sports then Bodycheck might be a game for you.

Founder of Ludometrics, David Thompson revealed today on the Playstation Blog that his studio would be bringing Bodycheck to the Playstation Vita.

Although Bodycheck is a sports game, it isn’t specifically made for fans of sports. The game wants you to play as aggressively as possible. Thompson says that “punching, scratching, and general unnecessary roughness are all actively encouraged during play”. He feels that a lot of current sports video games don’t capture the madness of actually playing a sport and that this level of chaos is something that Bodycheck is trying to capture.

The game will also let you use magic. You can use spells to resurrect fallen players, create lightning bolts or to use something called the “portable hole” in order to tip matches in your favor. You can also bribe the timekeeper to either extend or shorten a match.

As of now we don’t know what sports Bodycheck will be based on but given the blog entry it appears to be football.

I’m one of the people who isn’t into sports but this sounds like a pretty sweet game. My problem with sports games is that they are based on reality which makes them boring. A sports game that allows foul play, has magic spells and lets you cheat is something that I can definitely get into.

Stay tuned for more news on Bodycheck as it develops.

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