Bomb Chicken Launches With an Explosive Trailer

Bomb Chicken Launches With an Explosive Trailer

Bomb Chicken launches with a trailer featuring a chicken with the power to lay bombs who just wants to watch the world burn.

Bomb Chicken hatched yesterday, and developer Nitrome shared an explosive launch trailer for the action platformer game that features, quite simply, a chicken that lays bombs instead of eggs.

As the heroic chicken in question, players will discover the dark reality of the fast food giant known as BFC as they use a limitless amount of bombs in a variety of ways, thanks to a freak accident involving blue hot sauce. Players can lay explosives to reach high places and kick them at staff members and dangerous wildlife. They can also dig and destroy their way to uncover secret areas and create barricades to shield themselves from enemy attacks.

The game features three huge worlds to discover filled with traps, bosses, and bad guys to defeat, and the trailer shows the unlikely hero in question as it blasts its way through.

Bomb Chicken is now available for Nintendo Switch. You can check out the launch trailer below and ponder on the question of which came first, the chicken or the bomb?