Bomb Rush Cyberfunk OST - Jet Set Radio Composer, Switch Release Date Estimate Confirmed in New Trailer

The Bomb Rush Cyberfunk OST will be handled by legendary composer Hideki Naganuma, who also worked on Jet Set Radio on Dreamcast

By Iyane Agossah

August 11, 2021

Team Reptile had a special announcement for the OST of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, a spiritual successor of Jet Set Radio, on the Nintendo Switch Indie World Showcase held on August 11, 2021.

  • JET SET RADIO – Initial thoughts on its spiritual successor Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

Windjammers 2 | Open Beta Trailer

Windjammers 2 | Open Beta Trailer

Hideki Naganuma confirmed on the Bomb Rush Cyberfunk OST

The new version of the Bomb Rush Cyberfunk trailer on YouTube revealed Hideki Naganuma, the original composer of Jet Set Radio, is working on the game. His unique style of musical brainwaves will make Bomb Rush Cyberfunk even closer to a new Jet Set Radio game, and fans are definitely hyped, myself included.

Moreover, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is now coming to Nintendo Switch. The game was already confirmed on PC via Steam, and you should wishlist it to support the developers. You can find the new version of the trailer below.

More on Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, Hideki Naganuma

The new game by Team Reptile, the developers of Lethal League, was first announced in July 2020. While Jet Set Radio on Dreamcast only had rollerblading, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk also includes other means of moving around, including a jetpack-like ability. We’ll be able to graffiti around, and scuffle with the cops like in Jet Set Radio.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk will also be released on “other platforms” around one week after the PC Steam and Switch releases. We don’t know what these platforms will be yet. All in a metropolis set in an alternate future.

Hideki Naganuma is on Twitter nearly every day interacting with Jet Set Radio fans, be sure to give him a follow. He will really appreciate it if you mention how much you loved his past works. Jet Set Radio is one of the many atypical games on Dreamcast, the best console of all time ahead of its time. Bomb Rush Cyberfunk and its OST are definitely one of the 2022 projects I’ll keep an eye on. You can always catch me on Twitter @A_iyane07 to chat about Jet Set Radio, PSO, Segagaga, or other Dreamcast games.

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