Boneworks Clears $3 Million in Sales During First Week on the Market

Boneworks Clears $3 Million in Sales During First Week on the Market

Boneworks' brand of excellent physics-based VR is a hit with fans, selling over 100K units in its first week in the wild.

Boneworks from Stress Level Zero is doing everything it can to push VR forward. The physics-based VR game has been absolutely mind-blowing in pre-release footage. Now that the game is out, it’s clear that the team’s marketing sold a ton of people on the quality of the Boneworks‘ experience. SLZ announced today that their game has cleared 100K units sold in its first week on the market, which equates to $3 million in revenue. That’s wild.

For reference, I Expect You to Die made the news last year when it cleared $3 million. However, that was across all platforms and the game had been out for a year. Similarly, Beat Saber broke the 100K barrier and sold $2 million in its first month out of Early Access. Boneworks did all that in a week and is only available on Steam, which limits how many copies it can sell. Simply said, Boneworks is likely to become the best-selling VR game very quickly.

Of course, that title could be short-lived with Half-Life: Alyx on the horizon. That said, Valve’s next game isn’t out yet, so let’s give Boneworks its moment in the sun. The game is, by all accounts, great. I’ve been showing it to my wife for weeks now trying to convince her to let me buy an Index. There have been several good VR games, but SLZ’s latest is the first to make me feel like I NEED a headset.

Boneworks is available now on PC via Steam. It’s not completely clear if it will eventually come to the Oculus store; however, SLZ has a game in the Boneworks universe in the works for Oculus Quest.